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|CREATE|recycled packaging wedding card

It really grates on me when I have to buy cards, I absolutely love giving and receiving cards but, having made my own for such a long time, I really feel annoyed when I have to give in and buy one, generally at a very high price too!

Anyway, enough moaning!  We recently attended a wedding reception and I wasn't prepared and didn't make a card in time, so when I was picking up my outfit in Debenhams I picked up a simple, reasonably priced card too.  Anyway when I opened the card I found that with it came a some great re-usable packaging!

The packaging is a square of card with hearts on and a little sentiment.  Our £2 not only got us a card but I could also make at least one more card from the packaging.

I pulled together a blank card, a foam heart and some small heart stickers and set to work.
1. I cut out the sentiment and attached double sided tape to it.
2. I cut a square from the heart backing card, and stuck tape to it.
3. I applied the foam heart to the grey heart paper.
4. I placed 3 heart stickers onto the foam heart ad an extra one on the envelope. 

This card took me all of 5 minutes to make too, I'm now feeling really motivated to use other packaging which otherwise would be thrown away, to create cards.

I hope you like this and it maybe inspires you to try and do something similar yourself, I'd love to see pictures if you do try something like this.

Enjoy your day, Lx

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