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|COOK|meal planning Monday/home grown 8 September

~ Harvest/forage/store ~
12 eggs
1 cucumber
1 bag nettles
Fallen apples for the chickens

 ~ Meals made from the garden/forage ~
Poached eggs
Fried egg sandwich
Nettle soup - recipe on blog tomorrow 

~ Progress ~
Salads are growing well now, we'll certainly be harvesting a few this coming week.

Lots of eggs this week so we've had a few basic egg meals!  

I finally foraged the nettles for my version of nettle soup and it's absolutely amazing so I'm sure that will be a regular lunch for me, apparently nettles are no good after autumn so I'm hoping to make some more and pop it on the freezer.

The beetroot have shot up this week, I don't think they'll make it beyond the size of a golf ball, but that's just how the hubs and I enjoy them.

We also went mushroom foraging, unfortunately no ceps or chanterelles but I have found a little gem called an amythest deceiver (Laccaria amethystea)  I'm hoping to get to the woods on Friday to collect some to make a nice pasta dish, it a real shame they don't retain their gorgeous colour when cooked but are lovely little mushrooms.  Had a lovely time though and came across many different species of mushrooms.

~ Plant/sow/forage ~
c/f forage nettles for nettle soup ✔️
c/f sow more salads✔️
c/f Pick blackberries
Buy runner beans from honesty stall
Try and get hold of some free courgettes
Harvest salad leaves
Forage more nettles!
Harvest baby beets

~ To do ~
WIP Prepare planting plans for autumn harvest.

And onto this weeks meal plan...

Only changed 2 days last week, Friday we had pizzas and Sunday we had jacket potatoes.

~ Meal Plan ~

Monday - Chilli & rice
Tuesday - Chip night
Wednesday - Cheese souffl√© with salad & new potatoes
Thursday - Chicken tikka slice or aubergine melt & chips 
Friday - Sausage & mozzarella pasta bake, with garlic bread
Saturday - Homemade burgers on the BBQ
Sunday - Mince & onion pie, from Save with Jamie

Hope we are in for this mini heat wave they keep talking about!  Enjoy your week Lx

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  1. Wow, you are so much more organised than I am! I can barely plan one day, let alone a whole week!
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!

  2. Hi Vicky

    Thanks so much (sorry not sure how I missed this!) it's the only way we have food on the table ;)

    Appreciate you taking the time to comment. Lx


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