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|COOK|fun food friday - sushi lunchbox

For our first ocean themed lunch, I thought It was time to try something new, he loves rice so I thought we could try some vegetarian sushi!
Well it was a complete disaster, he wouldn't even try it, but that doesn't mean that it didn't look cute. He did squirt the soy sauce on but that was about it, ate the cucumber and crackers but wouldn't touch the sushi... even with the mini chopstick!
Lunchbox from set of 4 from paperchase
Food picks from ebay store
Vegetarian sushi from Sainsbury
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  1. wow thats looks delish! i wonder if my boy would like to try sushi...will have to buy some and see! #WeekendBlogHop

    1. Thank you, shame my monster didn't think so! Hope you have more luck!

  2. Bento boxes are great. I've never had sushi before though. #weekendbloghop

    1. I love bento boxes! Can't wait to get more!


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