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|ABOUT ME|12 questions

I've had a lot of requests for these tag 20 people and answer some questions or list XX things, thought I'd also share them her so that you can get to know me!!! 
1 of 4!!!!

1. Weird fact about me
I've got pixie ears according to my sister, @poorlulu77 
2. Favourite food
Anything veggie and italian
3. First fandom
The fonz
4. Best friends
@poorlulu77 @karlosvalderama @emzcarey 
5. Your current lock screen
My little man with bed hair and bed creases on his face!
6. Favourite one true pairing
Thomas Crown & Catherine Banning
7. Birthday
2 March
8. Five fears
Drowning, ufo's, war, my family being hurt, my teeth falling out
9. What you look like
5.4 tall, size 10, size 5 feet, brown hair, pale skin = AVERAGE!!!
10. Favourite song
One more time - daft punk
11. Why you made your account 
Cause I ran out of storage on my phone and realised I could still take photos through IG - now I'm hooked! 
12. Favourite character ever
Kermit the frog

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