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|ORGANISE|retrospective blog posts

During my 'blogging break' ie I couldn't be bothered and didn't prioritise it!  A few things happened, that I did not document which I now very much regret.
So... I've decided to blog about them now, and get them there in the archives as if they were always there.  I'm calling these my 'Retrospective blog posts' as they will appear in my archive with a past date, but if you follow by bloglovin or any other blog reader they will appear as new posts.  Just wanted to point this out so that it's not quite so confusing.
The post titles are listed below:
Halloween playdate
Valentines playdate
Autumn Bucket List
Winter Bucket List
Christmas Bucket List
Ali Edwards, Week in the Life 2012 (yes - really 2012! it was one of my last weeks with T before going back to work so it's important to me to record this one)

I'll link back when each post is up.
Thanks for putting up with this mad-cap way of blogging.  Hopefully, I'll never have to do this again!
Just thought a little explanation is in order before I start to post weird things :) Lx

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