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|GROW|home grown - 3 august

Week one of my attempt to eat something from the garden every week.
~ Harvest/forage/store ~
13 eggs
~ Meals made from the garden ~
I know, coddled eggs are a bit of a cheat because technically they are not 'grown' but they do come from the garden so I'm counting them.
As most of the things we are growing are not yet big enough to eat, we've not eaten veg from the garden this week.  A friend did give me some courgettes though so I made these into a big batch of soup for the freezer and my lunches next week.
~ Progress ~
Well what a difference a week makes!
The salads are growing nicely:

The cress is coming along well, I can see T having an egg and cress sandwich next week!

The basil micro herbs are just starting to sprout.

There are a few basil seedlings.

The cucumbers are growing well and taking over the greenhouse, a few tiny ones have withered and dropped off, a quick google search revealed that this is likely to be due to poor soil preparation and drainage.  This is more than possible as they were a bit of a late addition and I didn't use any compost this year - just soil.  I'll feed them up a bit this week in the hope that it might help things along, it's certainly a lesson learned though.  I don't think this one will make it beyond next weekend, I'm hoping to enjoy a yummy greek salad next weekend :)

I'm a bit disappointed with the tomatoes again, there are not many flowers and no fruit so far, I can't see us getting anything out of them this year in fact, ever since we've lived here and used a proper greenhouse we've had no joy with tomatoes, something I really need to research for next year.
There's not a lot of sign's from the beans unfortunately, I've moved where I grow beans this year trying a bit of rotational planting but I think its too shady in the corner of the raised bed, the laurels definitely need cutting down to give more light next year.
The rest of the raised bed (carrots, onions and beetroot) are doing well.
~ Plant/sow ~
Off to plant my seeds now, have a sunny afternoon, Lx

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