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|GROW|home grown - 10 august

Week two of my attempt to eat something from the garden every week.
~ Harvest/forage/store ~
11 eggs
1 cucumber

We picked our first cucumber this weekend, the cucumbers I've grown in the past have had a thicker and prickly skin (and so needed peeling) this one is just like the ones you buy in the supermarket, the variety is mini F1 so I'll definitely have to remember that for next year!
We all went to find some blackberries, to make some blackberry eton mess and some jam, but we couldn't find any ready for picking, T did, however, manage to fall over in the nettles and got his first stings!
Later on T and I went back out somewhere else and although we found some they had been eaten by flies so we came home again empty handed.
 ~ Meals made from the garden/forage ~
Coddled eggs
Egg sandwiches
Greek Salad (cucumber from the garden)
~ Progress ~
Quite a lot of progress this week again.
The salads are really growing, I think we might have a few leaves next weekend.
T didn't have has egg sandwich but the cress is now definitely ready. 

The micro basil got a bit waterlogged but seems to still be alive!

T and I planted some rocket (not yet showing) and some radish (sparkler 3) which have already started to grow well. 

We now have a couple of tomatoes on the 'tomato yellow' plants the label doesn't actually say which variety they are,  but they are huge!  Completely taking over the greenhouse and there seems to be more flowers this week, so maybe we might get a decent amount after all.  Still no signs of fruit on the alicante.
The cucumbers (mini F1) are doing brilliantly, there are about 7 fruits on the vine, another looks as though it could be ready next week and there are others growing well.

A couple of beans have come up, but I think it's just too late for this year, I'll leave them in for now and see what happens.
The carrots (nantes 2), beetroot (boltardy & chioggia) and onions (red, white & shallots) are doing well.  We managed to sow some successional beetroot and carrots last weekend , the beetroot (boltardy) are up already, so pleased with that.

T helped me weed the raised bed, there's nothing in this area, hence the mess, in hindsight this is such a waste so I'm already planning what we can grow here in the autumn.
~ Plant/sow/forage ~
forage nettles for nettle soup
sow more salads
~ To do ~
Prepare planting plans for autumn harvest.
That's about it for this weekend, need to clean out the chickens! Lx

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