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|FUN|vehicle tracks

This is our final transport activity for our transport month.
I decided that we would explore the different tyre tracks on T's cars and trains and where better to drive them than through some homemade play dough.  I was going to make some black/grey playdough for this activity, but I remembered that I had this pink glittery playdough still from our valentines playdate back in Feburary!
I used a recipe I found on instagram - all the details can be found here on our hot cross bun post (I left this one uncovered so it dried up!)
As you can see, this recipe keeps really well, I did wrap it in clingfilm and have stored it in one of those fresh soup containers, in areas it was a little dry but I'm sure if I'd have given it a good kneed before rolling it would have been fine.

So onto the activity, I rolled out the playdough and set it out on a tray, this is where T first decided to 'change' this activity!  He decided that he'd rather roll out the playdough than roll his cars through it.  This kept him entertained for a while!

I then showed him how to roll his cars and trains through the dough to make tracks, we talked about the different tracks that trains and cars made and introduced some diggers which made great tracks.

T then decided he had enough of making tracks and just wanted to make imprints in the playdough, so we talked about how many imprints the trains made with lots of wheels and that the cars had less wheels.
T then pointed out that one set of prints were bigger than the others, so we talked about that and did more comparisons for a bit.

We spent quite a while playing with the vehicles and playdough, T really enjoyed it and didn't care that I used glittery pink playdough!!
We are sure to do this activity again, next time I'd like to push T a little further and create tracks and ask him to identify which vehicle created them.  Although I need to find some vehicles with different tyre patterns, ours all seem to be smooth and the same!!!
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