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|FUN|transport matching game

A nice, simple, but effective learning game this week for our fun post.  Following on from our transport theme, I printed some pictures from google images I printed sea, sky, road & train track.

T and I collected various vehicles and a few stickers, for where we didn't have any toys!  Note to self - buy T some boats!

Once we'd collected our vehicles I laid out the pictures, I was greeted with 'wow Mummy that looks good' from T which was encouraging.

T took each toy/sticker out of the basket and placed it on the appropriate photo, he did keep saying that the helicopter and spaceship could go on the sky of each photo - smarty pants!  I told him I only wanted him to put it on the sky without land which clarified things for him. 

Once all the toys were on the mats, I asked T to count them, then asked him to count 'the toys on the road and the toys in the sky' I thought this would be a good introduction to addition, T actually really enjoyed this and kept asking to have more 'guesses'.

To elaborate on this game I thought we could increase the number of toys used, for this first time, we used 12 but he matched them in no time so I think more could have been used. 

You could also extend the geographical aspect of the photo's by using things like, a field, a canal etc I definitely think T could have coped with more.  We will also start to introduce words and numbers.

I also thought that we could laminate these mats and use them for playdough, making the vehicles to travel on them.

I'm really under-estimating him lately I think he's far more capable than I give him credit for.
I hope that you like this simple little activity, we had great fun doing it.

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  1. Wow that's such a really great idea never would have thought of something like that, good job :)

    1. Thanks, I like to keep it simple but he loved this, T even got some animals out and matched them up, although he struggled when it came to the train track! ;o)

  2. This is a brilliant idea. I definitely might copy this when Little Miss H is older. Little Miss is 15 months at the moment and I really underestimate what she can do. I need to be more creative and start organising more interesting activities. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #weeklylinky


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