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|FUN|bottle top buttons

For quite a while I've wanted to get T some big threading buttons from ELC but I never got round to it and now I'm thinking it's just not worth it, I can't see him playing with them for long. Since he was very young, T has played with my button box and threaded them onto shoe laces or his favourite, pipe cleaners, this worked fine for us both, although the larger buttons I have are a bit dull!

A while back I started to collect milk bottle tops, we've used them for colour sorting and matching and I had the idea to drill holes into them to make our own buttons.

In fact, we didn't need to drill them, I just used a bradawl.  I placed a chopping board onto our work top and placed a cake rack on top, after marking up where I wanted the holes, I laid out the bottle tops onto the cake rack and used the bradawl to make the holes, this was really quick and easy - much easier than I expected. Within minutes, I had a supply of buttons!

A rub with some anti-bac hand sanitiser removed the pen marks.

Like all Mum's there are times when I need to get on, generally in the kitchen, when I introduced these 'buttons' to T, I set up a simple invitation to play for him whilst I was cooking dinner.

On a tray I set out the buttons, a shoelace, a pipe cleaner and some wool with washi round the end.  This was all ready for him when he woke from his nap, his face lights up when he sees something like this 'what's this Mummy? Can I play with it please?'

He spent quite some time playing and counting the holes in the buttons, saying the colours and generally making up his own entertainment for a while!

T's returned to this invitation a few times but for now it's been bagged and put in his changing bag as a surprise for when we are out and need a distraction.

This would be a great activity for a rainy afternoon and it's nice an portable so would be good for camping or even out in the sunshine.

To extend this play, I'm going to get T to match up the buttons with the right number flash card or in a counting book, he's really loving counting and has just started to distinguish numbers so I think he'll like that.

How do you use your threading buttons?  I'd love some more suggestions, leave me a comment with what you do and I'll pop by to check it out.

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