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|COOK|Meal planning Monday/Home grown - 18 august

Little explanation first, I'm going to try out merging my salad challenge and meal planning Monday into one post, I'll also no longer be linking up to anyone else for my meal planning post.  This 'evolution' might change again bit for the time being they sit nicely together.

I'm still working on a name and didn't want to hold up this first post so that will come soon, home grown doesn't quite cover it home produce does but I don't think I like that - maybe it'll grow on me (no pun intended!)

Using home produce every week is really what I'm trying to achieve, this could be:-something foraged
something donated
something local from an honesty stand
eggs from the chickens
anything from the garden
produce stored, frozen or canned
As I work on this project this scope may grow, we'll see where it takes us!

So this weeks 'home grown'

~ Harvest/forage/store ~
13 eggs
1 cucumber
Tomatoes from Mum

 ~ Meals made from the garden/forage ~
Scrambled eggs
Tomatoes with mozzarella

~ Progress ~
Salads are not quite there yet, the cress has burned (boo!) the rest of the veg/seeds are doing well and the alicante tomatoes have flowers!!!

All in all pretty good!!

~ Plant/sow/forage ~
forage nettles for nettle soup (didn't get round to last week!)
sow more salads
Pick blackberries

~ To do ~
Prepare planting plans for autumn harvest.

And onto this weeks meal plan...

Monday - chicken fillets, potato dauphinois & 'posh' baked beans (recipe next week)
Tuesday - chip night
Wednesday - pasta
Thursday - chilli
Friday - ploughmans
Saturday - pizza (I'm out!)
Sunday - we're staying out - we have a wedding reception so staying at a hotel and will eat out beforehand

So that's it, if you have any suggestions for a subject name, please do leave a comment as I'm really scratching my head!!! Lx

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