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|COOK|Meal planning Monday - 4 August

Quite a good week again this week, I didn't cook the puttanesca bolognese again so I didn't have any photo's to get this recipe blogged this week.  Had a change on Friday night as The Hubs fancied curry instead of sausage and mash.  No waste this week - I think I'm almost there with that now!  Next priority is to mix things up a bit and try some new recipes and meals.  My sister and hubs-in-law had a Mexican night last night with fajita's and margarita's, thinking we might have to have another themed meal night soon too!

This weeks rubbish plan:-
Monday - puttanesca bolognese, (sorry I didn't get this blogged last week!) (Lentil version for me)
Tuesday - chip night
Wednesday - sweet and sour rice with sausage (no idea what I'll have!)
Thursday - pizza
Friday - quiche, salad and new potatoes
Saturday - Not sure yet
Sunday - Not sure yet
This post will be linked to Meal Plan Monday at athomewithmrsm.blogspot.com a lovely little community of homemakers and a fabulous resource for meal ideas.

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