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|COOK|Cinnamon snacks

I'm on the hunt for healthy snacks for T, I'm ashamed to say that his snack box has actually turned into a 'treat' box and he tucks into this for breakfast and snacks. The low sugar and low salt organic snacks I would only let him eat have been replaced with chocolate biscuits and ready salted crisps and fruit based sacks have been replaced with high sugar cereal bars. Chocolate is no longer a treat for him, it's expected, nursery have mentioned that sometimes he's hyper in the morning - oooops chocolate rice cakes and I also suspect it has a lot to do with his poor sleeping habits and the tantrums we seem to be encountering at the moment. 

T loves the homemade tortilla chips I make and so I thought I'd make some smaller versions and package them up in little snack boxes for T. 

I started off with a wrap and cut shapes out, although they looked cute this did take a while, I cut scraps into odd shapes, I sprayed with water and sprinkled a tiny bit of sugar and cinnamon on top, after another spritz of water they went into the oven for 10 mins.

I actually made some more cutting those with a pizza cutter, I think this will be the shape of preference in future ;)

I'm going to try some salt and black pepper, paprika and cheese ones. They last for about a week in a good container. I'm yet to freeze them. 

Can you think of any other flavours? Do leave me a comment if you can think of other flavours I can try. Also if you try these yourself! Lx


  1. I love cinnamon! Might make these for me; Gwenn can get lost!!



    1. Hope you like them if you do make them :) x


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