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|FAMILY|summer break staycation 2014 - the details

Thought I'd just put a post together to detail what we've done during our summer break, what we achieved, what we didn't and basically a catch-all post for our individual posts!
Our summer break started on Saturday 19 July this year, The Teens finished school on Friday so after a very special McDonald's breakfast treat for T we picked them up Saturday morning and went over to my sisters to help set-up our Nephews birthday party, K & H helped out loads, sadly I've not captured any photos of them helping set-up or tidy away, but here's one of H helping T decorate his gingerbread man.

After the party, we headed to the pub with my sister and her family and in-laws for a couple of drinks, the small boys played in the pub garden 'supervised' by the teens, they actually ran around playing with them much more than this photo implies! Then we headed home to a BBQ.

H loves cooking on the BBQ, so once it was going he did the cooking.
On Sunday we didn't really do a lot, we had to do a grocery shop, then went to get some new shoes for T but it was heaving and horrible!  We got home with the intention of going geocaching but The Hubs cut down a tree for our neighbours and that took a lot longer than we expected, so we got out the paddling pool (now re-named the piddling pool by H!) blew up the rainbow shower, got out the water pistols and away they went!  The Teens played with T whilst I made dinner.
Day 1 summer staycation
You can read all about or day here.
We didn't make ice cream in a bag because the boys and I went out in the garden again whilst The Hubs took K to get a new swimming costume.
Day 2 summer staycation 
You can read all about day 2 here
When we got back from T's check up The Hubs was back out with his saw cutting down more trees!  Whilst waiting for the chip van to arrive we all spent the afternoon/evening in the garden...again!  So no movie night.
Day 3 summer staycation
You can read about our museum visit here
We didn't stay at the museum as long as planned so we got a few jobs done in the garden and finally went geocaching and more water fights!
Day 4 summer staycation
You can see the gruffalo here
Yes we completely forgot to check for geocaches in Wendover Woods! The break with The Teens came to an end, I think we all felt it wasn't long enough but circumstances were against us this year with J's birthday party at the beginning and The Hubs golf tournament Friday (hence them going home early)
Back to normal days again now, at least there's still 3 days before we have to go back to work, it feels good that we've done so much but without feeling as though we've had to stick to a strict timetable, I suspect that today's (Friday) plans will change, but that's fine.  I really want to try and keep up momentum now we've got into it.
On the whole the week cost so little, we used about a quarter of a tank of petrol, about £23 for us, we did a grocery shop which was £115 in total (about £60 more than a 'normal' week would cost us) and spent £90 over the 4 days (£45 in one day!) the only other expense being the swimming costume for K, some crocs for H and some new shoes for T all of which they needed anyway so I'm not counting those.  So about £170 in total for our 'staycation'.  Now considering in the past we've spent £500 - £750 just on accommodation you can see how it can mount up.
I genuinely think I could easily have filled the other 3 day's if needed, and we were blessed with fantastic weather so afternoon and evening entertainment wasn't really necessary this time. 
And our break isn't over yet, for the coming weekend I'd like to achieve the following:-
- make bug hotel
- make ice cream in a bag
- do the ironing :(
- visit the local fire station open day
- varnish the patio table
- change the outdoor light
So that's it really, I'll be back soon with some more detail about how I plan and prepare for the summer break.
If you've had a staycation, I'd love to hear all about it!  Have a great weekend, Lx

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