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| COOK|meal plan Monday - 7 July

Another week gone?? Time's certainly flying, only a couple of meals changed last week, Friday we had 'healthy chips' with the honey and lemon glazed carrots and chicken Kiev or stuffed mushroom , Saturday we had gnochhi bolognese bake, I created a lovely veggie bolognese with lentils, I'll post that recipe on Saturday.  Sunday we had BBQ chicken with smashed potatoes and green beans.  

I'm still desperately trying to use up food from the freezer, so this weeks plan includes some bits that would otherwise probably found their way in the bin in a few months!  I'm desperate to try out lots of new recipes but I'm really trying to keep to just one a week, otherwise I find myself buying loads of groceries instead of using up things we already have.  I think that getting a good balance will be a challenge but one that I'm really looking forward to.

There's a chance that the hubs will be in Brussels again for a couple of days this week so I need a flexible plan that I can adapt if he's not here without waste.

Monday - Quick Risotto based on this one by Jamie Oliver, Mushroom or pancetta
Tuesday - Chip night am considering not having them this week as the hubs is back at footie watch this space, I'll probably change my mind when it actually comes to it!!
Wednesday - Tomato and sausage pasta (just tomato pasta for me, plus extra for work tomorrow!)
Thursday - Quiche, Salad and new potatoes
Friday - Shepherds pie (trying new recipe using lentils instead of quorn, the bolognese was a massive success, will be on the blog soon!)
Saturday - homemade pizza
Sunday - Burgers and wedges

This post will be linked to Meal Plan Monday at athomewithmrsm.blogspot.com a lovely little community of homemakers and a fabulous resource for meal ideas.

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  1. Sounds lovely. I have cooked two meals using quorn and my lot haven't noticed a difference :-) have a great week x #mealplanningmonday


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