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|COOK|homemade tortilla chips

Not really a recipe but these are homemade tortilla chips that we often make.  We serve them with anything Mexican or with veggies and dips. T loves them so they are a great healthy toddler treat too.

Using any flavoured tortillas slightly changes the taste, these were sweet chilli flavoured and probably my favourite.

Start with your tortilla wrap(s) and using a pizza cutter slice approximately in half.

Cut into quarters, each time making a new pile of tortilla and cutting through.

You should get 8 generous sized 'chips' from each tortilla wrap.  Place them flat on a non-stick baking tray and spray with water (you can use a pastry brush and water if you don't have a spray).

Sprinkle with a little salt, herbs, paprika, garlic or celery salt etc (anything that witless add flavour!)

Bake for 15 mins in fan assisted oven, no need to pre-heat!  Serve either hot or cold.

Enjoy with chilli, a recipe for veggie chilli will be on the blog later this week. Lx


  1. mmmmmmm these sounds delicious, will be trying out the recipe for sure! x


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