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|COOK|easy quesadillas

Lovely, tasty and super quick!

It's not really a recipe, just a quick 'how to' with a few filling ideas!

Start with your tortilla wrap, sprinkle with a bit of cheese and your chosen filling (ideas below) sprinkle a bit more cheese on top and then using a pizza cutter cut into slices.

In a hot frying pan, fry a couple of quesadillas at a time turning after a couple of minutes, the cheese should melt and the tortilla should start to brown.

If you have a large enough frying pan skip step 1 and fry the whole tortilla and cut once cooked! 

Suggested fillings:-
Cheese and onion
Refried beans and cheese
Chicken breast fried in fajita spice
Veg fried in fajita spice

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