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|CREATE|sharpie plates - the follow-up!

So, over our wedding anniversary weekend we used our anniversary plates for 2 meals, I've read mixed reviews for this technique, some say it works, some say it doesn't!  Because it was so cheap I was more than willing to give it a try.

I just used a regular permanent sharpie pen from hobbycraft, I used a medium point, but in hindsight I wish I'd have been able to get a fine point.

We had 2 different meals using the plates, 1 oily anti-pasti and 1 steak and chips (mushroom and chips) just for the record we use fairy liquid washing up liquid and used an anti-static dishcloth.  These meals each presented their own challenges so they were a great test for this project (totally coincidental!)

The plates after our anti-pasti were very greasy, so using nice clean, hot soapy water I gave them a wash - no dishwasher for these little beauties!  I was really worried that the design would deteriorate or wash off, but it was completely unaffected.

I was a bit of a nag to The Hubs when he was cutting his steak on our anniversary plates I kept reminding him not to 'saw' to much and be careful when cutting, I needn't have worried, despite him telling me that the sharpie had come off on the bottom of his steak (oh yes Hubs that was hilarious!), after washing them the same way as above they looked as though they hadn't been used.

Overall I'm really chuffed with this little project, probably more so now that it's proved it works and I'm sure it will last a few years at least.

The problem is that now I've got the bug, all I can think about are Christmas designs to compliment our Christmas china and gifts to make!!!

You can see the original post for this project here.

Hope this is helpful, Lx


  1. I love those plates. Gr8 idea. Love it.

    1. Thanks so much, really appreciate that! :)


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