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|COOK|meal planning Monday - 2 June 2014



I pretty much managed to stick to last weeks plan, I did have to change our weekend meals due to changed plans and friends coming for dinner on Saturday night, but nothing that caused too much upheaval.
This weekend it's our wedding anniversary and so Friday and Saturday's meals were already planned for that (yes we are celebrating 2 nights, one with T and one without!)
Nothing startling this week really.  Thank you to everyone who made such nice comments particularly about the meatball lasagne, I just hope it lives up to the hype for those who are trying it this week! ;)

Monday - Tomato and pancetta pasta, tomato sauce from the blog, with some fried pancetta added (pea and mint pasta, recipe for this will be on the blog this week)
Tuesday - Chip night!
Wednesday - Chicken piri piri, salad and jacket potato (omelette)
Thursday - Sausage and mash (quorn sausage)
Friday - Anniversary anti-pasti, olives, meats, bread, garlic cloves, stuffed pepperdews with prosecco and creme brûlée
Saturday - Steak with mustard butter, real twice fried chips and green beans (portobello mushroom)
Sunday - Burritos, made with leftover and frozen taco mince from the freezer (I'm trying out a new recipe idea, mushroom and lentil 'mince' for mine!) This was one of the meals I changed last week.
Just in case you were waiting for the 1 chicken 4 meals post that I mentioned last week, I'm afraid that's been postponed as it was one of the meals which had to be changed due to our changed plans.
This post will be linked to Meal Plan Monday at athomewithmrsm.blogspot.com a lovely little community of homemakers and a fabulous resource for meal ideas!


  1. Everything sounds delicious. Happy Anniversary when it comes x

  2. It all sounds lovely, I love steak and thr burritos sound delicious! Happy wedding anniversary x

  3. Thank you, steak is the hubs favourite! X

  4. Great meal plan!! Everything sounds so tasty!!
    Happy Anniversary x


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