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|COOK|meal planning Monday - 16 June

Morning! Last week I thought that we had stuck to our plan quite well, however, looking back we only actually stuck to 3 days :) I actually don't mind though as we've had no waste from changed plans just a little extra cost on Thursday night.

The changes we made were:-
Wednesday - jacket potatoes
Thursday - pizza, I'd forgotten that The Hubs had a chiropractor appointment and I wanted to watch the World Cup opening ceremony (big waste of time!) so changed this last minute
Friday - freezer dive! Hash browns, large sausage roll, beans & egg (no sausage roll or beans for me!)
Saturday - bacon, lettuce & chicken club sandwich (I had cheese, lettuce & tomato) we ate out at lunch with The Hubs Mum and so didn't need a full meal

One thing I really want to concentrate on over the summer is healthy freezer meals, I used to use the 30 day gourmet method but now I've found once a month meals, this used to be free so I've loads of plans downloaded that I'd never used!  
In our house the freezer has become a bit of a bug-bare, mealtime conversations generally go like this:-
The Hubs - what for dinner?
Me - pasta? (I could eat pasta every day!!!)
The Hubs - ugh
Me - ok I'll look in the freezer
The Hubs - (big sigh!) is there actually anything in the freezer??

Now let me tell you, that freezer is stuffed full, if we were under house arrest we'd be able to eat for a month, in theory, yes it's stuffed full of food but not much which actually consitutes components of a meal. In desperate times we certainly wouldn't starve but some things have been in there far too long, like a tonne of baby food purée.  Once T went to nursery at 5m he just wasn't interested in eating all the purée's I'd loving made for him to get me through those first few months of going back to work, he wanted the 'proper' food he was eating at nursery - that was 2 years ago!!!!  I know I've got to get rid of them but its admitting to myself that he's all grown up now!  As for the rest... Well, I'm not really sure, I know that I can barely shut the drawers now but as to what exactly is in there is anyone's guess!  This week is definitely going to be purge the freezer week and also go back to using a freezer inventory.  So next week (w/c 24 June) look out for lots of freezer burnt or ice crusty food on my plan and if there's broad beans with frozen rice, sausage rolls and curry sauce in my meals you know why ;)

This weeks meal plan is 

Tuesday - Chip night!
Wednesday - Freezer dive, chicken goujons and wedges (me - veggie bake)
Thursday - tuna pasta (me - some sort of pasta!)
Friday - chicken & spinach curry from 3princessesand1dude's blog, this is a recipe I'm hoping to freeze  (photo above courtesy of Becky at 3pricessesand1dude)
Saturday - out for the day
Sunday - Mexican Chicken nacho's (just nacho's for me)
This post will be linked to Meal Plan Monday at athomewithmrsm.blogspot.com a lovely little community of homemakers and a fabulous resource for meal ideas!


  1. Everything sounds delicious! A lot of my faves there :)

  2. Your freezer sounds a lot like my freezer (minus the baby food purees). It's stuffed to the top but not too sure how much of what's in there is edible. I need to do a freezer clean up too.


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