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|BOOBOX|football & World Cup month round-up

So here's goodbye to our Football & World Cup theme month.

We loved spending time learning about flags, talking about pickles the dog finding the missing World Cup in 1966, doing some football activities from our activity pack and eating football themed food.

We've also enjoyed some toddler football training that daddy did, playing football at the park, collecting World Cup panini stickers, shaking our caxirola's, blowing Brazilian trumpets, face painting the georges cross and reading some football themed books.  Phew! It's been a busy one!

All of our football and World Cup fun and activities can be found under our category boo box football or using #booboxfootball on twitter or Instagram

Have a look at our Brazil/World Cup Theme Pinterest Board for more ideas, Becky at 3princessesand1dude and I have been pinning here for a while now, so there's loads of ideas.

Good luck if your team made it through to the next round, Lx 

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