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|FUN|sticky spider web

Slightly surreal I know - batman and Spider-man throwing newspaper 'flies' at a sticky tape web!

Continuing our garden and nature theme this month, I found a this spider activity on pinterest from Hands on as we grow.

Our nephew J (nearly 4) loves Spider-man and when he's with him, T is also besotted, we were able to keep him happy by dressing up as batman, but he still loves spiders!

The Hubs put up a lovely web for us and I rolled up about 20 newspaper balls for the ' flies' I love how we all were part of this activity, we did find that the packing tape we used wasn't really sticky enough for the newspaper to stick to, although J did get one wedged in a hole.  This kept the boys occupied for ages and they kept going back to it, T loved it so much he's still talking about it and went into nursery telling them all about the big spiders web that he threw newspaper at!
Also from our garden and nature spider week was our spider sandwich lunch which you can find here and tomorrow will be a simple spider craft for a bit of quiet time.

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