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|CREATE|homemade 'magic' puffy paint

On Friday T's nursery posted a recipe for 'magic' paint on their Facebook page and invited parents to make some over the weekend and post pictures.  While I always like to try and support things like this that the nursery do, I also loved the idea of magic paint and so yesterday we made some.

The recipe called for 1 tbsp each of flour & salt, a few drops of food colouring and some water.  We don't have any food colouring left (we use it all in the bath!) so we used a little squirt of ready mixed paint instead, because I was using 3 colours I used 1tsp each of flour & salt, it works out the same as it's the same ratio.  I used an old baby milk powder pot which worked a treat as a paint pot and has now found it's way into our fun stuff supplies box!
Our recipe for magic fluffy paint
1 part flour
1 part salt
Ready mix paint
Use enough water to form a paint consistency, it needs to be relatively thick to make sure it puffs.
This was one of our pictures before the magic happened! 
Once the picture was complete we put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, be careful when it comes out as thick areas of paint can be quite hot on the underneath.
This is the same picture after microwaving.
After a bit of practice our pictures got better as we realised that we needed to apply the paint more thickly than regular paint.
We loved this activity and will certainly do it again.  Probably unnecessary to say, but remember not to use glitter paint as these pictures are cured in the microwave and most glitter contains metal.
We'd love to see your pictures if you make this paint, leave us a message and leave a link or tag us in Instagram @larabeeuk and we'll have a look.

Off down the garden in a bit to make the most of another lovely day, hope you have lots of fun today whatever you do. Lx
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