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|FAMILY|friday fun - cardboard house on fire!

On Tuesday I received this cute little fire engine from Rachel's one stop shop which I'd ordered last week for T.  I had decided that I'd keep it for when he needed a treat as I keep giving him things like this when I get them instead of using them as a reward.

This week he's been a little star, his sleeping habits are a bit to be desired but in general he's been very happy and helpful and nursery have mentioned that they've noticed that he's been listening to them a lot more and they are not having to keep repeating themselves.

I thought I'd give him the fire engine as a little reward today.

When we got back from grocery shopping this morning, I asked T what he wanted to play, of course he said 'Fireman Sam', but he actually got the cute little wooden fire engine rather than the plastic Fireman Sam ones that he has.  I was a bit chuffed about that as I thought the wooden one might be rejected in favour of plastic, bright colours, noise and sound!

Anyway, when we were at my sisters last week, T was playing with Fireman Sam house scenes, he loved setting up the little scenes, putting a cat on the roof to be rescued or hanging naughty Norman Price out of a window.  They also had flames which came from the windows.  So today when T said he wanted to play with his fire engine I thought I'd try making a little house and see how he re-acted to it.

I took a small box and opened along the seal.

I then (roughly) cut a window and door with a craft knife and mat.

I then re-sealed the box - inside out, so that I didn't have to paint it!  Lazy?  Yes, but it meant that this turned into an instant craft rather than T having to wait for paint to dry.

Using orange and yellow tissue paper I cut some basic flame shapes.

I then poked the flames into the house window, T and I played for quite a while with different rescue scenes, he'd drive round his road mat with the fire engine and when the fire was 'put out' I had to pull out the flames and T would clap. 
I'm now thinking about making some other buildings to build up a little village play scene and maybe even a tree or two for climbing cats and children!
The sun is shining despite the bad forecast, lets hope it's wrong for tomorrow and Sunday too!  Have a fantastic weekend, Lx.


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  1. This looks like a great idea, Monkey has a fire engine too and we haven't given anything for his to 'put out' as such - thank you for sharing :) #imaginationmatters


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