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|CREATE|spider web plate activity

 Another pinterest activity I'm afraid and another spidery one for our last activity in our garden and nature theme month.

If you've been following our posts, you'll know that we had our newphew J (nearly 4) last weekend, after our sticky spider web activity the boys really needed something nice and quiet to do to calm down!

I found this easy little activity on pinterest but if you search for paper plate spiders web, loads come up, so I'm not really sure who to credit here, (exclaimer: if you think this was your original idea, please contact me and I'll credit you!)

Anyway, I didn't fold my plate in half, I just cut a circle out of the middle and I attached a hairpin on the end of the wool to make it easier to thread for the boys, something I've done before on a sewing/threading activity with T.

For T I held the plate for him while he threaded the wool through the holes, at 2 1/2 he just needed that extra bit of help.

I hope that you are not getting arachnophobia from all our spider fun!  Our spider sandwich lunch can be found here and our sticky spider web activity can be seen here if you'd like a complete day of spidery giggles!
Other garden and nature fun and activities can be found in our category boo box garden or using #booboxgarden on twitter, Instagram or pinterest

I've loved having our first themed month and it's sad that it's coming to and end, but we've lots of football and Worldcup fun to look forward to coming up during June. Lx

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