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|COOK|meal planning monday 19 May 2014

Joining in with athomewithmrsm.blogspot.com to post our Meal Planning Monday.  I always do a meal plan, ours runs Friday - Thursday because I shop on a Friday, but it's nice to have this commitment.
I'm on a bit of a mission to save on waste which seems to be working quite well and lately I've got a bit stuck in a meal planning rut so I'm hoping that this will kick off a bit more variety over the summer.  By the summer we should be able to incorporate our own home grown veg into our meal plans too.  Both the hubs and I want to try and eat a bit more healthily so a bit more planning might help with that too (although this week isn't really healthy!)
This week is slightly unusual as I'll be late home one night so we'll be having takeaway, every Tuesday is chip night for T and I, the hubs plays football and we have a chip van stop right outside the house, so I use that as my excuse for my weekly chip fix!
Monday - Taco mince with rice, 400g mince mixed with 2 tbps of my fajita mix
Tuesday - Chip night!
Wednesday - Gnocchi with tomato sauce
Thursday - Pizza night, I'm having my hair done so I'll be back later so we'll order a pizza  
Saturday - Chicken, new potatoes and salad
Sunday - BBQ with the neighbours


  1. Love when the home grown veggies start to appear. Have a good week x

    1. Thanks, I can't wait some salad leaves will be ready in a week or two 😉 you too x

  2. I've never heard of melazane parmigiana until tonight, it sounds delicious and I've already bookmarked the recipe for next week.

    1. Oooh do, it's delicious although my photos don't really do HFW's recipe justice x

  3. I'd love to have a chip van come round our place! Great meal plan


  4. Everything sounds fab!
    I would love a chip van to stop outside of my house!! It would be chips every week.....lol x

    1. It is such a temptation, I do indulge most weeks!
      Thanks x


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