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|COOK|fun food friday - fishy lunch

This month we are talking about the garden and nature, T and I have been talking about our pond and the fish in it this week and have also been doing a spot of pond dipping!  Watch out for a blog post on that over the weekend.

To emphasis the theme I created this fishy lunch for T. 

Sadly I didn't have any goldfish crackers so we used Jacobs oddities instead - salt and vinegar flavour of course! 

T dipped his Youngs flipper dippers into ketchup and loved not having to use a fork, for some reason he found it very funny that his lunch was both hot and cold and kept touching his flipper dippers saying 'not cold yet' and then picking up the cucumber saying 'this is not hot', he found it very entertaining.
I'm quite lucky in that T eats all of the cucumber so I can use both the leftover shapes and the cutouts. I've seen Grace at eats amazing cut out carrots too and then slot them into the leftovers for a different idea. I'll be trying that out one day. 

Plate - Ikea 
Fish silicone cup - Eats Amazing
Fish bento cutter - Eats amazing
Eats Amazing Fun Food Friday
Hope you enjoy this lunch, I'm loving creating them and T seems to find them entertaining, I'm linking up to #funfoodfriday with Grace at Eats Amazing. Lx


  1. This is so cute, I love that you've used all of the cucumber - both bits look great! Love the little hot and cold story too, children can be so funny!
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!

    1. Thanks Grace, I'm really loving creating cute little meals for T, so thank you for providing a link up which makes me actually do it! x


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