|CREATE|spider web plate activity

 Another pinterest activity I'm afraid and another spidery one for our last activity in our garden and nature theme month.

If you've been following our posts, you'll know that we had our newphew J (nearly 4) last weekend, after our sticky spider web activity the boys really needed something nice and quiet to do to calm down!

I found this easy little activity on pinterest but if you search for paper plate spiders web, loads come up, so I'm not really sure who to credit here, (exclaimer: if you think this was your original idea, please contact me and I'll credit you!)

Anyway, I didn't fold my plate in half, I just cut a circle out of the middle and I attached a hairpin on the end of the wool to make it easier to thread for the boys, something I've done before on a sewing/threading activity with T.

For T I held the plate for him while he threaded the wool through the holes, at 2 1/2 he just needed that extra bit of help.

I hope that you are not getting arachnophobia from all our spider fun!  Our spider sandwich lunch can be found here and our sticky spider web activity can be seen here if you'd like a complete day of spidery giggles!
Other garden and nature fun and activities can be found in our category boo box garden or using #booboxgarden on twitter, Instagram or pinterest

I've loved having our first themed month and it's sad that it's coming to and end, but we've lots of football and Worldcup fun to look forward to coming up during June. Lx

|FUN|sticky spider web

Slightly surreal I know - batman and Spider-man throwing newspaper 'flies' at a sticky tape web!

Continuing our garden and nature theme this month, I found a this spider activity on pinterest from Hands on as we grow.

Our nephew J (nearly 4) loves Spider-man and when he's with him, T is also besotted, we were able to keep him happy by dressing up as batman, but he still loves spiders!

The Hubs put up a lovely web for us and I rolled up about 20 newspaper balls for the ' flies' I love how we all were part of this activity, we did find that the packing tape we used wasn't really sticky enough for the newspaper to stick to, although J did get one wedged in a hole.  This kept the boys occupied for ages and they kept going back to it, T loved it so much he's still talking about it and went into nursery telling them all about the big spiders web that he threw newspaper at!
Also from our garden and nature spider week was our spider sandwich lunch which you can find here and tomorrow will be a simple spider craft for a bit of quiet time.

Other garden and nature fun and activities can be found on in our category boo box garden or using #booboxgarden on twitter, Instagram or pinterest

|COOK|fun food friday - spider lunch

This was our final week of garden and nature activities and I chose to look at spiders, T is such a little copycat at the moment, his cousin J (nearly 4) is really into Spider-man and so T now has a similar fascination!  J spend the weekend with us last weekend and so I thought we'd do some spider based fun, starting with a spider sandwich lunch.

Yet again I had a lightbulb moment, something that you probably already do but it was a revelation to me so I'm going to bore you with it ;)

For this lunch I wanted to make a round sandwich, I rarely give T sandwiches without crusts because I don't like to encourage him not to eat them, but I wanted round and so I started out with 2 slices of bread and was going to make a sandwich, then cut the shape from the middle.

It then occurred to me to just cut 2 circles from one slice of bread and one from chicken and then assemble.

Just look how much bread I saved - well saved from being fed to the chickens anyway!

I also wanted to show how easy it is to create a themed lunch without having specialist bento accessories (although they are soooo much fun!!). For the sandwich I drew a spider with an edible food pen, and just added a small plastic spider from halloween!

Just a note - I've had this pen open for 18 months and it was just as good as the day I opened it.

Plate - Ikea 
Edible food pen - amazon 

Eats Amazing Fun Food Friday

I'm linking up to #funfoodfriday with Grace at Eats Amazing. Lx


I've made a bit of a leap this week and joined Anna from Miss Beartrix's #postcircle after seeing this post on The Reading Residence's blog.
The reason I say 'leap' is because this is a bit of a commitment for me, I've wanted to join something like this for a while, since seeing so many posts about swaps and penpals on Instagram.  I've been reluctant to join because I was concerned about how often I'd have to write and didn't want to struggle and it feel like a chore.
I'm hoping that I'm going to find letter writing relaxing and give me a bit of screen-free 'me' time, I think it will also give me a chance to practice my handwriting.
I've always loved stationery and enjoy making cards and notelets so now I have somewhere to send them!
Because I'd like to keep costs down on this hobby, I am hoping to make a lot of my own stationery although it would be soooo easy for me to spend lots of pounds on beautiful new papery goods, Sainsbury's has a particularly pretty range at the moment and I couldn't resist treating myself to some pretty washi tape today (so much for saving eh!)

I've made these tags and note paper as a start and can't wait to use it on my first letter.  I can see a big re-organisation of my craft cupboard on the cards to find long forgotten stash that I've been hoarding.
Oooh just thinking about pretty stamps, stickers and washi tapes to prettify my correspondence makes me happy!  
I'm linking in with bring back paper for this post, thanks Jocelyn (The Reading Residence) for inviting me to link up x

|FUN|spring bucket list - it's a wrap!

As the month draws to an end so does our spring bucket list, ours ran from the begining of March through to the end of May.  Every year we have a list of things we'd like to do, but somehow never get around to, in the past we've found it difficult to fit these things in as the season passes and we've missed out - again.  Until we discovered the bucket list concept!

I try to get the whole family involved but sometimes getting the teens to think of ideas is impossible, so generally I come up with a list and ask anyone if there's anything they'd hate or if they have any suggestions, sometimes when they see some ideas they come up with others.

Each season I feel as though we are improving on achieving our activities, although our winter bucket list was a complete disaster - I'd based most of it round snow and we had none this year!!! Oh well we live and learn!

I think that one reason for us achieving most of our list was down to the fact that I'd included a number of bucket list activities into our spring break week staycation, I'm sure this helped no-end and it meant we had a jam packed budget week of activities and fun.  I also turned to the bucket list for T friendly activities when planning things to do at the weekend.
I also make sure that the list is displayed somewhere prominent (in my planner and on the kitchen wall!) so that it's a constant reminder.

So on to our list...
1 pet baby animals - during our spring break week, we visited a local garden nursery which had a small pet corner, K liked this the most very closely followed by H and T wasn't bothered at all probably because he has all the animals at his nursery, he just tried to catch the chickens!
2 fly a kite - well for anyone who follows my instagram feed, you will have seen the ridiculous kite that I got for a 'bargain' on eBay, it was tiny!  But it didn't stop T and I going in the garden and giving it a go, it didn't really fly high but it's size did mean that T could hold it in the strong wind, so we had fun!
3 Easter play date - we hosted our play date which was a great sucess and are becoming a bit of a tradition, you can read all about it here.
4 attend a new club - I'm pushing the boundaries slightly on this one!  We were booked on a local cookery course, but unfortunately had to pull out when I was ill during April.  T's nursery had 'what I want to be when I'm a grown-up' week last week, on Monday they were visited by a local ex-footballer who runs tots football sessions.  T loved the football session he had at nursery so much that we are intending on signing him up, so although not quite 'attended' we have found a club so I'm counting it.
5 have family over for roast dinner - speaks for itself, we entertained K's family for Easter lunch and had a lovely time.
6 hunt for frogspawn - sadly this is one that we missed as I didnt plan it in early enough, we can usually guarantee frogspawn in our pond but there was none this year, either the frogs can't stand the filth in our pond or as I've just seen on Springwatch, there's a decline in frogs in the UK, anyway by the time I realised the frogs weren't coming to ours, spawn elsewhere had already hatched!!
7 put marbles in gate - this sounds a bit of a weird one, but I saw it on pinterest.  You drill holes in the gate and poke in opaque marbles so when the sun shines through it looks really pretty.  Well I have the marbles (actually I've got those glass pebble things for flower arranging) and we just need to pop them in the gate, this will be done, just not before we wrap up.
8 play silly family games - what a hoot we had playing 'minute to win it' games, if you've never heard of it and have teens look it up on YouTube, we had a fantastic night, our teens really enjoyed themselves and I expect we'll be doing this again. 
9 put up a new birdhouse - well I know I've got one somewhere but do you think I could find it in the skip that we call the garage?  We didn't achieve this one and so it will go on the list for next spring.
10 blow bubble snakes - again this was a pinterest find, T wasn't bothered but H and I had lots of fun!
11 T's own garden area - we made T a portable garden, you can find the blog post here, I'll be putting up a follow-up blog post on T's garden soon as it's really doing well.
12 have a picnic - during our spring break week we went for a picnic, we actually ended up sitting by the car (well T was in the boot!) but it was a picnic nevertheless!
13 plant sunflowers - T and I sowed sunflowers and I planted them out, we did a review on the seeds we used which you can read here.
14 run through bluebells - when we first went to see the bluebells hardly any were out so The Hubs, T and I went a few weeks later, we had a fab time at the woods, playing in the beautiful bluebells, but I'd love to take the teens next year (if they'll come!) we stopped on a log right on top of a big badger set for some chocolate and a drink, it was so peaceful and lovely.
15 stargaze - this was almost a fail as I completely under-estimated when the sun goes down now and so it's really been too late to do this with T, I'm marking this one down as a half as T and I did talk about the stars and on Sunday we did look into the sky, albiet only seeing a couple of stars.  I'm transferring this one to our autumn bucket list.  We have a star on Orion's Belt which is named after The Hubs late father, I'd love to show T where it is so he'll grow up always knowing, that's his Grandad's star.

And so that's a wrap, sorry I've gone on a bit.

I hope that you have had a spring packed with activities and fun like we have, I feel proud that we've really tried to make the most of the season which has lead to a rather optimistic summer bucket list, but I can't wait to dive right in.  I'll be posting our summer bucket list on Sunday 1 June if you are interested and if you'd like some inspiration you can follow our summer bucket list inspiration board, even though I have my list, I'll still be posting to that!

If you've done something similar, please do leave a comment, I'd love to see what you got up to Lx

|COOK|meatball lasagne

A while ago someone on instagram mentioned that they were having meatball lasagne, she very kindly send me the recipe but it was too big in scale (64 meatballs) and was quite luxurious, having ricotta, mozzarella, cream cheese and parmesan so really wouldn't have been a family friendly meal.  Although it does sound delicious and I'm sure I will cook it one day!

I searched pinterest for a more basic version but didn't find anything budget or calorie friendly and so I decided to create my own, adapting the regular lasagne recipe in the good old 'dairy diary cookbook'.

Serves 4

Cheese sauce or 300g jar 
15g Butter
15g Flour
300ml Milk
30g Cheddar cheese, grated
1 tsp made mustard
Pinch of nutmeg

Tomato sauce
I used my basic tomato sauce or you could use a 300g jar

18 meatballs
100g Lasagne sheets
45g Cheddar cheese, grated

1. Make tomato sauce as per the recipe.
2. Make Cheese sauce, melt butter in a saucepan, add flour and cook over a low heat, stirring for 2 minutes, do not allow mixture (roux) to brown.  Gradually blend in milk, cook, stirring until sauce thickens, boils and is smooth.  Simmer for 3 minutes.  Stir in the grated cheddar, mustard and nutmeg.
3. In a 1 1/2 litre ovenproof dish, brown the meatballs in a 180oC pre-heated oven.
4. When meatballs are cooked through slice them in half, assemble the lasagne starting with 1/3 meatballs, pour tomato sauce over the meatballs then top with lasagne sheets.  Repeat, then repeat again creating 3 layers, pour the cheese sauce over the top and sprinkle with cheese.
5. Bake in the oven for 25 minutes.

We loved this meal, for my veggie version I used quorn sweedish meatballs, I'm sure that would be a more healthy option too.  

I served with salad, but didn't get a decent picture with all salad ingredients on.

I also used ready made meatballs.

If you try this recipe, I'd love to hear what you think, I think it makes a nice change to add a bit of variety to our midweek meals. Lx 

|COOK|meal planning Monday - 26 May 2014


Wow!  So last Monday I decided to join in with Meal Planny Monday at athomewithmrsm.blogspot.com to post our Meal Plan.  I was totally under-estimating how great that would be.  Not only have I found some great new blogs to follow and also found some great recipes for this weeks meal plan, I've also gained some more great, like minded followers - who are interacting with me, not just trying to sell me protein shakes or cling film wrap things, only to un-follow days later!  Just to point out that not all protein shake or skinning wrap agents are like this, I've just had and abundance of 'those' type of followers lately.  I've loved meeting new people and getting fresh ideas, I don't know why I didn't do this sooner!
We pretty much stuck to our meal plan last week, some nights we did swap but on the whole we did follow this plan. 
This week is pretty much back to normal for us, apart from today being a bank holiday, but we'll eat more or less the same.
For anyone IG followers wondering what I eat as a vegetarian, I would generally just have the same as The Hubs and T but a veggie option - yes I usually cook 2 meals a night, what's leftover from any recipes I pop in the freezer and take smaller portions to work for lunches or eat for my lunch on a Friday.  This works out really well for us.  I've out in brackets what I'll have next week.

Monday - Trying the pea, sausage and tomato pasta recipe at 3princessesand1dude.blogspot.com (I'll make this half and half in 2 pans with meat and veggie sausages)
Tuesday - Chip night!
Wednesday - Fish fingers and mash, I got this idea from noneshomer.blogspot.co.uk can't believe I'd never thought of it!  Served with baked beans. (I'll have a cheese and onion grill)
Thursday - Chicken curry and rice, frozen, I am working on a blogpost about how many meals I can get out of 1 chicken, so this is from that prep, it'll be up on the blog next week. (I've got aubergine and mushroom curry in the freezer too!)
Friday - Burritos, made with leftover and frozen taco mince from last week (I'm trying out a new recipe idea, mushroom and lentil 'mince' for mine!)
Saturday - Meatball lasagne, look out for this one on the blog this week (I'll have the same but made with quorn meatballs)
Sunday - Chicken quesadilla's with potato wedges (I'll have refried bean and avocado)
So that's it, I'm sure it won't be long before there's no more crusty freezer burnt food lurking in the depths of the freezer, or that the chickens will be starving because they will no longer be dining on out of date family food or that I'm eating a quorn burger with rice just because I can't be bothered to make an effort for me. I really am starting to enjoy meal planning again and am seeing providing cheap, healthy meals as a challenge rather than a necessity.
I can't wait to nip off and see what everyone else is doing this week and get some more inspiration and ideas. Have a fabulous bank holiday and forthcoming week Lx.

|FUN|pond dipping

Continuing our look at the Garden and nature, this week we've been exploring our pond and the fish that live in it, we think that there are only 2 left.  A couple of winters ago, we lost loads - at least 10 when it froze about 1 foot.
We inherited this pond when we moved 5 years ago, the dimensions are approx  7ft x 11ft by 5ft deep.  We would never have had a pond so big or deep, but the previous occupants had koi in it.
For the past 3 years we've been talking about getting rid of it, but it's going to be such an overwhelming prospect, we've not done it yet.  So T always has to be supervised when he's in the back garden and the pond is very neglected.
When we moved in there were no fish in it so we went and bought our first 6 goldfish, one of these was 'big bad Barry' our neighbour (and friends) little boy named him a few years ago, back when the hubs and I had never even heard of big bad Barry!  Big bag Barry and his un-named sidekick are now the only residents in the pond and appear to thrive in there despite the dirt and filth!
Now T watches Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom and is familiar with the big bad Barry episode so he is showing quite an interest in the pond.  Rather than try and keep him away, I thought it would be a good idea to let him play near it with me supervising, that way, I'm hoping that the suspense and intrigue will not be so great that he constantly wants to go where he isn't allowed.

 When talking about the pond and fish, T decided that he needed to catch big bad Barry with a net!

 T and I went out armed with nets and a bucket and spent a good hour trying to catch the fish, filling the bucket, scooping up the debris and just generally stirring the water with a bamboo cane (!?!) We had a great time, I tried to find some other pond life but sadly nothing else seems to like these rather bleak conditions as much as our fish do!

I used to love going pond dipping with my Grandpa, we'd find all sorts of creatures and talk about them, one of my favourite books was an ancient copy of the ladybird pond life book and I'd really love to get a copy for T as I'd definitely like to do this activity again with him.
Even if you don't have a pond, why not grab a net and go out to your nearest canal, river, pond or beach and go dipping!  We'd love to hear your tales if you do go. Lx

|CREATE|fishy foil painting

I'm trying to base our activities around a particular theme each month, May is our Garden and Nature month and so the activities we've been doing on Friday's are based around Garden and Nature, sometimes we've also thrown so additional ones in over the weekend.

This Friday we've been talking about our pond and the fish that live in the pond.

I wanted to do a little goldfish creative activity and so we created a fishy foil painting!  Painting is always a winner with T but I wanted to do something a little different, so I added lots of glitter glue to some orange paint.

A few weeks ago on Instagram I saw someone had been doing painting on foil, I thought this was a great idea, but I'm afraid I can't find the post or remember who it
 was - if you know or if it was you, please do let me know so that I can credit you!

For our fish, I thought painting on foil would be a good idea because with the glitter, sequins and foil our fish would be really 'fishy'

After painting our fish shape, we created our goldfishes scales, I found lots of sequins which we sprinkled over the wet paint, this did seem to stick them to the foil!

I'm never quite sure what to do with all of T's artwork.  I think it's common for nursery's to have a communication book and I like to add lots of photo's and artwork to ours so that I have a complete view of T's world - not just nursery.
We are encouraged by our nursery to add whatever we like to the book, so I've been purposely keeping T's artwork to a size that will fit into our communication book and sticking them in.  I love how I can keep everything together and the nursery gets an idea of the things we do at home.
If you have a go at making your own fishy foil painting do let us know as we'd love to see what you've created. Lx

|COOK|fun food friday - fishy lunch

This month we are talking about the garden and nature, T and I have been talking about our pond and the fish in it this week and have also been doing a spot of pond dipping!  Watch out for a blog post on that over the weekend.

To emphasis the theme I created this fishy lunch for T. 

Sadly I didn't have any goldfish crackers so we used Jacobs oddities instead - salt and vinegar flavour of course! 

T dipped his Youngs flipper dippers into ketchup and loved not having to use a fork, for some reason he found it very funny that his lunch was both hot and cold and kept touching his flipper dippers saying 'not cold yet' and then picking up the cucumber saying 'this is not hot', he found it very entertaining.
I'm quite lucky in that T eats all of the cucumber so I can use both the leftover shapes and the cutouts. I've seen Grace at eats amazing cut out carrots too and then slot them into the leftovers for a different idea. I'll be trying that out one day. 

Plate - Ikea 
Fish silicone cup - Eats Amazing
Fish bento cutter - Eats amazing
Eats Amazing Fun Food Friday
Hope you enjoy this lunch, I'm loving creating them and T seems to find them entertaining, I'm linking up to #funfoodfriday with Grace at Eats Amazing. Lx

|COOK|quick sausage casserole

Serves 4

8 sausages
8 small new potatoes, quartered or halved depending on size
2 large carrots, chopped
1/2 small swede, diced
1 large onion
1 tin baked beans
1 tin chopped tinned tomatoes
1 tbsp olive oil
1 stock pot

1 Gently fry the sausages and onion in the olive oil until cooked through. Heat oven to 180oC. 
2 Add sausages and onion to a casserole dish, along with potatoes, carrots, swede, baked beans, tomatoes and stock pot. 
3 Fill one of the empty tins with boiling water and add that to the casserole too. 
4 Pop the casserole in the oven for 30 mins or until the veg are tender. 

Can also throw everything in the slow cooker and cook for 5 hours on low. This also freezes well.

I do exactly the same for my veggie version using veggie sausages. 

Hopefully, cooking this in the slow cooker or even as a relatively quick meal in the oven will mean that you have more time to have fun with your family.  If you give this a go, I'd love you hear what you think. Have a lovely day Lx
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|COOK|meal planning monday 19 May 2014

Joining in with athomewithmrsm.blogspot.com to post our Meal Planning Monday.  I always do a meal plan, ours runs Friday - Thursday because I shop on a Friday, but it's nice to have this commitment.
I'm on a bit of a mission to save on waste which seems to be working quite well and lately I've got a bit stuck in a meal planning rut so I'm hoping that this will kick off a bit more variety over the summer.  By the summer we should be able to incorporate our own home grown veg into our meal plans too.  Both the hubs and I want to try and eat a bit more healthily so a bit more planning might help with that too (although this week isn't really healthy!)
This week is slightly unusual as I'll be late home one night so we'll be having takeaway, every Tuesday is chip night for T and I, the hubs plays football and we have a chip van stop right outside the house, so I use that as my excuse for my weekly chip fix!
Monday - Taco mince with rice, 400g mince mixed with 2 tbps of my fajita mix
Tuesday - Chip night!
Wednesday - Gnocchi with tomato sauce
Thursday - Pizza night, I'm having my hair done so I'll be back later so we'll order a pizza  
Saturday - Chicken, new potatoes and salad
Sunday - BBQ with the neighbours

|FAMILY|reward box

Last week the Mail newspaper were offering free lego toys. Each day a voucher was printed to be taken to Toys R Us or WHSmith to be exchanged for a lego toy, the voucher had to be presented the same day for this offer. This was the first time that I have actually stuck to one of these giveaways. 

I now have 6 lego toys and had 2 vouchers to say the shop had run out which I could send direct to lego (which I've done!)

We wouldn't normally buy the Mail (or any newspaper) so I did have the cost of buying those, £6.30 in total I've been looking at Toys R Us and the cheapest small lego set I can find is £2.99, therefore, to buy this little lot at that price would have cost me nearly £24.00.  I'm really chuffed!

There's one little problem with these sets - they are for ages 5 - 12!!  Now I don't usually bother with recommended ages on toys but when it comes to lego, I know if I gave it to T half of it would be lost within hours so they need to be put away for a couple of years.

Queue our reward box.  On world book day earlier in the year I was lucky enough to get loads of free books from vouchers people didn't want at nursery. I'd put these books away as it's going to be a few a years before they'll be used, so now the lego is with them along with some small craft kits that I got on offer from Hobbycraft. 

I envisage using this box for stocking fillers, rewards, prizes and treats when T gets older.   I'm now hunting the web for offers and freebies for that I can use for the next couple of years, I do have a few bargains I picked up just after christmas and am looking for other things to go on our current reward box!!!

It's another lovely day out there, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine Lx.

|CREATE|homemade 'magic' puffy paint

On Friday T's nursery posted a recipe for 'magic' paint on their Facebook page and invited parents to make some over the weekend and post pictures.  While I always like to try and support things like this that the nursery do, I also loved the idea of magic paint and so yesterday we made some.

The recipe called for 1 tbsp each of flour & salt, a few drops of food colouring and some water.  We don't have any food colouring left (we use it all in the bath!) so we used a little squirt of ready mixed paint instead, because I was using 3 colours I used 1tsp each of flour & salt, it works out the same as it's the same ratio.  I used an old baby milk powder pot which worked a treat as a paint pot and has now found it's way into our fun stuff supplies box!
Our recipe for magic fluffy paint
1 part flour
1 part salt
Ready mix paint
Use enough water to form a paint consistency, it needs to be relatively thick to make sure it puffs.
This was one of our pictures before the magic happened! 
Once the picture was complete we put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, be careful when it comes out as thick areas of paint can be quite hot on the underneath.
This is the same picture after microwaving.
After a bit of practice our pictures got better as we realised that we needed to apply the paint more thickly than regular paint.
We loved this activity and will certainly do it again.  Probably unnecessary to say, but remember not to use glitter paint as these pictures are cured in the microwave and most glitter contains metal.
We'd love to see your pictures if you make this paint, leave us a message and leave a link or tag us in Instagram @larabeeuk and we'll have a look.

Off down the garden in a bit to make the most of another lovely day, hope you have lots of fun today whatever you do. Lx
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|COOK|fun food friday - bird inspired toddler lunch

A bird inspired lunch today for T, last night as we made our loo roll bird feeders, we talked about what birds like to eat, how we can help them and we can grow food for them to eat. I explained how, when the sunflowers we've grown have flowered they will provide food for the birds.

I decided that I would like to incorporate birds into todays lunch.  I always ask T what he'd like and today he asked for sausage rolls which I served with cucumber and carrot sticks with dip and a cupcake case of currants and sunflower seeds.

When I gave T his meal, straight away he asked what the sunflower seeds were, I told him that they were the same as some of the seeds we gave the birds last night and he said 'from our flowers in the garden?' he may not understand everything that we discuss but he is starting to remember our conversations and link back to them from time-to-time. I love that we can link our projects and activities.

T got stuck right into his sunflower seeds, the fact that he was eating 'bird food' didn't bother him at all!

These cute chick cupcake ring's come in a pack with the lambs I used in last weeks fun food Friday post, they are only £1.95 plus P&P

Chick Cupcake ring - Eats Amazing
Dip pot - Boots
Silicone cupcake holder - Dunelm
Plate - Ikea

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