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|FAMILY|friday fun - St Geroge & Dragon finger puppets

23 March marked St Georges Day, one way I thought a nice way to celebrate our national day would be to play with finger puppets.
I've had an old pack of foam finger puppets from ELC (no longer available) to make for about 8 years, I originally bought them to make with Hayden (who's now 13!) so I've adapted these to make St George and the dragon.
I used prince charming as St George, losing his crown and creating a new St George's flag shield and I used the unicorn as a template to make a dragon from green creative foam.
I've created a downloadable template if you'd like to make a Knight and Dragon or even adapt to make any other finger puppets, I'm already wracking my brains to think of other puppets I can make from these basic templates.  If you'd like to use it, you can find it here.

All you've got to do is cut out on the relevant coloured foam and draw in the details.

I used heavy duty double sided sticky tape to fix together and after 3 days it's still holding together well.  I had everything cut out, coloured with sharpies and with the sticky tape on when I showed T, he then removed the backing from the sticky tape and we stuck them together between us.

We have had lots of fun with these finger puppets, T is now getting to the age where he is starting to put on voices for his characters and was making growling noises for the dragon, we didn't 'slay' our dragon we just asked him nicely to stop breathing fire on our village!  I'd just rather T's activities did not centre around any form of animal cruelty, some might think this is a bit weird but it's just how I personally feel.

We had a lovely time making and playing with his new puppets, in fact, he is at present playing with them again with his brother!

I hope that your St George's Day was good and that you have lots planned for this weekend. Lx

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