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|CREATE|spring led lights up-do

I needed a little something extra to go with my pom-pom garland on my Easter mantle.  I love fairy lights, and have many sets hanging around the house to bung up at a moments notice or put in a vase or glass on the dinner table, I wish they were all that lovely warm glow colour but sadly most of them are the bright blue/white colour. Anyway I digress, (note to self: search for new lights!!)

I wanted to put the lights on the mantle but as a string - not actually in anything and had the idea of adding some of the paper flowers I have hanging around in my craft stash.

The flowers I have, already have holes in, so it was just a case of poking each little bulb through, this took no longer than 10 minutes.

Really, this little project couldn't have gone any better, it was so simple and I absolutely LOVE the finished result.

Have you decorated for spring?  I love to decorate my mantle with the seasons and these lights will definitely be up all spring.  My full mantle display will be in tomorrow's blog post.

We're halfway through the week folks, the long weekend is in sight! Lx

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