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|FAMILY|toddler activities - pancake tossing

This week I made some really simple 'pancakes' from calico, for a pancake tossing competition. 

I've got 2 small frying pans so firstly chose a bowl just to fit inside so my pancakes would sit nice and flat, I then found a bowl about an inch smaller in diameter to make the cardboard pad for inside the pancake. 

I used the larger bowl to cut out 4 circles as I only made 2 pancakes. 

If I'd have had a sharp pair of pinking shears I'd have cut them out with those but as mine are blunt I just used scissors. 

I then used the smaller bowl to cut out cardboard circles to put inside my pancakes, I wanted them ridged because I thought it would be easier for T, but you could use some wadding or thick scrap material if you'd prefer them a little more pancake like.  

Using zig-zag stitch I created the pancakes, sewing about 1/4 inch from the edge. 

If I was only using the pancakes once I would have left them as they are, but as I plan more activities with them next year I decided they needed a bit more reinforcing!

Using pva glue, I edged the pancakes to prevent too much fraying. 

T did struggle a bit, but that was more the weight of the frying pan, he eventually got the hang of it and had lots of fun with daddy. 

Action shot!

I was a bit late in thinking about this so won't really have too much time to use our pancakes for any other activities this year. Next year I plan to add some toppings so we can create customised pancakes, we will also have a pancake race and I'm trying to think of other activities we can do!

If you make some pancakes, please do let me know what you do with them by leaving a comment.

Happy Saturday (and St David's Day) x


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