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|FAMILY|spring bucket list 2014

So our spring bucket list for 2014 is ready, for this bucket list I wanted to include more activities that we can do as a whole family rather than tailoring the activities to each child. There are still a few just for T as he obviously spends more time with us. Unfortunately, our winter bucket list was a disaster, mainly due to the fact that most of the activities were based around snow and frost and we've had none this year, anyway onto the 
spring bucket list 2014...

Spring bucket list
1 Pet baby animals
2 Fly a kite
3 Easter play date
4 Attend a new club
5 Have family over for roast dinner
6 Hunt for frogspawn
7 Put marbles in the gate
8 Play silly family games
9 Put up a new birdhouse
10 Blow bubble snakes
11 Ts own garden area
12 Have a picnic 
13 Plant sunflowers
14 Run through bluebells
15 Stargaze

I'll be using hashtag #lbukspringbucketlist if you'd like to join in/follow along in twitter, google+ or Instagram

Happy friday, have a fabulous weekend Lx

If you are interested in our other bucket lists our summer list is here and our autumn list is here

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