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|COOK|sweet & sour sausage with rice

I'm always looking for cheap, quick and easy midweek meals.  At the weekend, I love to cook, usually watching 'Come Dine with Me' with a glass of wine in hand, during the week our evenings go so quickly that I just want to get in from work and get dinner done.  This was one of those impromptu store cupboard recipes that I can see we'll be having again (or rather the hubs and T will!)

Serves 2
8 chipolata sausages (or 4 regular!) I used frozen and defrosted in microwave
1 small onion, roughly chopped
1/2 pepper, roughly chopped
1 tbsp olive oil
1 pack microwave egg fried rice
4 tbsp sweet chili sauce

1. Cut up the sausages, I just use a pair of scissors to snip into bite sized pieces.  Gently fry in olive oil until starting to brown.
2. Add onion and peppers and fry until sausages are cooked through (about 10 mins).
3. Cook rice according to instructions, then add to the sausages and veg, add the chili sauce, mix well and serve with prawn crackers

As you can work out for yourself, this can be easily be adapted to include whatever you have on-hand. Chicken and cashews instead of sausages, any vegetarian substitute or just overload with veggies (my kind of meal!!)

That's it from me this week, have a happy weekend, take care Lx

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