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|INSPIRE|homemade home - cherry menlove

Well, what can I say about this book. I waited a long time to receive it as I pre-ordered it from amazon and it was worth every minute of that wait. I could easily just show every page and tell you what I love about each one but I will try and restrain myself!

I pretty much want to try every recipe and make every craft, it's simply a fantastic book I absolutely love it. I can look through it for hours just looking at the styling.  

Every time I see something I haven't spotted before, a particular teacup or pretty dress Cherry is wearing or how her hair is styled.

I had hoped to try the recipe below using homegrown tomatoes, but as I didn't grow any this is going to be a little difficult, look out on lovely lunches part 2 soon though - as soon as I see tomatoes on offer!

At present I'm working on my autumn mantle, hopefully this will be ready next week, I'm having a nightmare trying to find mini pumpkins, but if the little fella allows I'll try and make some of the felt ones in Cherry's book. They are so cute.

For the photo below alone, I would buy the book.  It's absolutely stunning and to me completely sums up christmas.  Makes me happy every time I see it, roll on christmas!!!!

I think you've probably worked out for yourself that I would recommend every page in this book, can't wait until she brings out another!!!

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