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|FAMILY|Autumn bucket list 2013

It feels wrong to say that summer is over and autumn is on the way considering the great weather we're still having.  After a few awful years, the weather was good to us this year and we've had a fantastic summer, which apparently is not yet over.

Anyway, according to the calendar we are now in autumn and so we've said goodbye to our summer bucket list and moving on to the autumn one.

So far I'm the only one who's added anything to ours, I'm hoping to get a bit more on there this weekend when we have the older kids.  This time I've added a couple of activities for T which I didn't do last time, I've also added a couple of things that we generally do each year anyway such as carve a pumpkin and watch fireworks.

So far on our list is:-
1 make pumpkin pie
2 roast marshmallows
3 autumn sensory play - T
4 outdoor movie night (wrapped up in blankets with a fire!)
5 photograph scarecrows
6 carve a pumpkin
7 watch fireworks
8 forage for mushrooms
9 eat baked pumpkins
10 make a leave collage on the patio window - T

Outdoor movie night was leftover from our summer bucket list, I thought it would be really fun for us all to cuddle up in blankets and watch a movie under the stars but in reality it might not work out quite as cosy as it sounds!

This coming weekend I hope to knock a couple of items off the list, starting as I mean to carry on...

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