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|INSPIRATION|the edible garden - alys fowler

I love this book for so many reasons, the illustrations and photography are outstanding and I can read it over and over again.

This is another book I bought after watching the tv series as few years ago.

Following the home produce theme from my other posts here and here, this book shows how you can grow your own without having a conventional plot, using containers and flower borders and making the most of the whole garden.  This really appealed to me as I wanted to extend our planting beyond the greenhouse and raised bed.

One of the really helpful sections of the book are the pages which give advice as to where in the flower border vegetables can be grown.  I've tried growing runner beans and courgettes in areas of our garden that were not being used, this was really successful and something that I do plan to do again next year.  Courgettes take up so much space in the raised bed that putting them in unused areas of the garden is a perfect solution.

There is a great chapter in this book giving ideas for how you can use the produce you've grown, either recipes, preserving or storing.  Storing and preserving our produce is something that I really want to do next year to prolong the season or to use up surplus supplies when we have a glut.

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