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|CREATE|acrylic flower re-do

I had these flowers on a shelf in the bathroom for quite a while, until one day T decided to knock them off when he was a baby in my arms, I loved them so much I've kept them on the shelf in a plant pot to disguise the breakage.

This week I decided that the time had come to either try and do something with them or give up on them and throw them away.

First I smashed off all the glass from the old vase, I expected the acrylic to shatter too but that didn't happen, it was slightly rubbery!  So wrapping the acrylic with a cloth I attempted to pull out each flower stem with pliers, they came out reasonably easily.

I used a bit of washi round the wood on the bottle and then put the flowers in - voila, a new pretty flower arrangement!  I am now on the lookout for a reasonably priced Chanel No5 bottle as I think that will set them off nicely, but for now this is a great improvement.

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