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|CREATE|card class preparation

I have taken the plunge and have committed to running a small handmade card class for my companies social club, there are many reason I've chosen to do this; exposure of what I do as a hobby, a goal to challenge me and a test run for running a personal class and craft stall.

All of the steps I can think of so far have been written on post it notes and stuck to a lovely bare wall in our bedroom where I moved and swapped and joined and linked them to form the basis of my project plan, I'm planning on holding the class in may sometime so I need to get a move on to get everything ready in time and deliver an organised and professional session. The main thing missing is that I need to have a well presented stall/booth/stand to display my kits and packs for people to browse and hopefully purchase, this I've got to completely start from scratch, the same for business cards/postcards for me to hand out giving a 10% discount and free p&p for my etsy shop.

Stock is also another bit challenge for me, I'm going to need to create enough to have a decent size stall, and list things on etsy without going overboard and creating things that people won't want.

So far I already have a list of forms and lists that I'm going to need on the night, I also have the blueprints for the card designs drawn up and just need to make the examples for on the night and to photograph for advertising. More about these in future posts.

So my focus for the next couple of weeks is:-
Etsy - how do I set up discount codes?
My stand - creating a pretty but practical backdrop for my wares, including bunting with 'larabee' on
Branding and packaging - designing and combining up with a cheap and quick design
Stock - start putting together packages
Examples - create an example of each card I plan to 'teach' on the night

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