|COOK|Pasta a la puttanesca with meatballs and alcoholic dr pepper

A rather lovely little dinner last night. I followed Nigella's recipe but being a veggie I did leave out the anchovies, this is one of my 'convertible' meals as I like to call them as they are basically one meal that I can easily split out and adjust for 'meat' and 'veggie', without the need to cook 2 separate meals.

For this recipe in particular I cooked the sauce and pasta and put some veggie and beef meatballs in the oven whilst the sauce was bubbling away. My hubs needs more than pasta and sauce as an evening meal and so I decided to add the meatballs which I had in the freezer, as he was having some I popped some veggie ones in the oven too for me. Although when I cook this again I won't bother for me as it was too much to be honest!


As a little treat I served this with a lovely alcoholic dr pepper, which I made by mixing disarono and Pepsi max, 25ml disarono to 250ml Pepsi max, I have seen versions online that also add beer but I'm happy with the taste without it.


Well, 11 in 11 and 12 in 12 seasons projects went ok in practice but I did find that trying to achieve everything, not include it in project life, scrap it in a seasons mini book and try and blog about it was too much. This took something away from what I was trying to achieve and made it less of accomplishment, it just wasn't as fun as I felt it should be. I also found it a bit overwhelming having 13 things to do in a 12 week period for 2013 and so I decided to call it a day.

Instead this year we have 'the big list', this year I have written the tasks on it but for the future I hope that this will be compiled as a family, I've taken 4 things per month and if we don't achieve them all it's no big deal, sometimes I might document it in project life and sometimes I may just scrap it in my mini book. I plan to do a full year mini book this time but split down into seasonal colours/theme, I'm planning on a grey and aqua cover which I will be creating this week.

I already have a list of 'big list' forms I'm working on, I am very excited about this more relaxed approach and very much look forward to sharing details here.

I'll be back next week with a glimpse of my 'big list' mini book - spring base pages.

Here's the big list for April:-

|52 CARD CHALLENGE|1/52 - mothers day

One of my 2014 resolutions was that I would take part in the 52 card challenge on kool kitty's blog this year. At week 10 I still had no cards made...

Last Wednesday I had the realisation that it was Mother's Day and I had no cards, rather than go and buy whatever was left I decided to bite the bullet and get out some stash.

Inspired by this card on pinterest by michelle wooderson (I can't find it on her blog but this is from pinterest and I can't work out how to link from there!)

I made the card below. My first of 52 this year, tonight I plan to make another 2, 1 Easter and 1 birthday this week to show next week (another thing to add to the to-do list, I need to work on my photos).

Lesson learned - although the housework needed doing I made time for something I love doing and I felt really inspired and enthusiastic about crafting again!

Products used:-
Card - Hobbycraft
Papers - First Edition, Springdrop 6x6 pad
Washi - unable to recall source
Tag - staples
Font - Respective

Other items used; bakers twine, round punch, button & ribbon

Feeling whimsical

It's been a while, in fact far too long!! Everything I've promised myself about getting the blog and Larabee started has amounted to nothing. I even thought new year, new start but again time got the better of me.

Here am I again trying to start afresh rather then ponder about what I haven't done.

Have been feeling a little nostalgic and whimsical recently, the sun has been shining, spring is definitely on its way and the plants are budding. I'm getting the urge to drink tea from china in the garden, take a dog for a walk, eat eggs from our chickens and sow seeds as an introduction to spring.

Thomas had his first 'dippy' egg last weekend, he loved it although I think the novelty of dipping his soldiers in was more exciting to him than eating the actual egg! He has also started to put his wellies on and asks to go outside, I also now take him to feed and water the chickens and collect eggs I am so glad that he seems to be showing signs of enjoying the outdoors. I really miss the garden, this year I
will be able to spend more time outside as I can just wrap Thomas up now he is mobile, we plan to use the garden as another living space this year, cooking more out there, watching films on the projector, entertaining and enjoying the peace as a family. I also plan to bring the outdoors in, in the form of flower displays, produce and making things for the home that are floral themed.

This weekend I shall be planting some micro basil to use on salads, sprouting seeds and growing herbs. Later in the month the veggies go in and the wine making will begin.

Dreaming of simpler times and lazy days...

Until next time...