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Project Life revelation

Falling a bit behind on projects again as I've been a bit ill.  Trying to get back on track though.

Made a decision about PL for 2012, the kits are not going to be available until February and quite honestly I can't wait that long, if I don't start straight away and make it part of my routine it won't get done, this year is going to be even more important than ever as it will document our first new families new year.  

Because PL didn't come out here in the UK until May/June I did months Jan - June as monthly layouts using making memories 3 x 3 dividers, this means that I have 6 months worth of BH dividers, so when Amazon UK finally have them in stock in January I think that I'll just buy enough to last me the rest of the year and I'll buy a regular folder.  I have been debating whether to buy a kit for 2012 as I'm really not keen about having to buy everything separately and think it will work out more expensive.  

I have got about 3 weeks behind on PL and this weekend whilst trying to catch-up I realised that I am getting a little bored with the journalling cards and kit stuff, so inspired by Ali Edwards, Jenni Hufford, Lisa Truesdell and Marcy Penner whose PL I really admire I made the decision to just buy the digi kit from Jessica Sprague and mix that with other seasonal or themed items.  For December I am going to make my own journalling cards etc with the K & Co Peppermint twist papers that I'm using for PL.

Going to make a start on my December elements now will post a few of them when I've finished.  I also need to complete my DD cover.

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