Sunday, January 15, 2017

Meal plan Monday - wk3 16 January


Hello!!! Another week, another meal plan!  This is helping me use up items from the freezer and bits from the fridge which would otherwise be wasted.

We are, however starting to get to the stage where a 'big shop' is due (try saying that without a Peter Kay voice 😂)

The whole reason I've been able to keep our January spend so low, was because we had cupboards, fridges and freezers full.   I shall be doing a big shop next week, although I do plan to keep that right down too. I'm still managing to eat pretty healthily and aim to stock up with lots of specialist vegan products next week, so that will cost a small fortune I'm sure!!  I'm budgeting for less than £100 for both, and will give you my shopping list in next weeks post. 

So a little recap from last week, I managed to stick within budget for food, having spent only £13.68, slight more than I wanted but we did have a small change so I had to add beans and bread to the list. On Tuesday, T started football training after school and T went back to playing himself so we needed a super quick dinner for them both to have before their respective games. I've accommodated for this, this week and they both want the same this week!!!

Mon L - salad/ham sandwich

D - curry* and brown rice

Tue L - cream cheese and ryvita/turkey wrap

D - beans on toast (Quick dinner as T and K are at football)

Wed L - soup/tuna pasta

D - cottage pie*

Thu L - Mexican quinoa*/ham salad

D - ham* egg and wedges 

Fri L - jacket potatoes 

D - takeaway pizza/I'm out at the tapas bar! 

Sat L - omelettes and salad

D - spaghetti bolognese 

Sun L & D - birthday meal out

Shopping list

Cream cheese


Nutrigrain bars



Tinned toms



Budget this week £15

Ok so let's see if I can do it again this week! Lx 


Harissa bulgar wheat and roasted vegetables

Harissa bulgar wheat and roasted vegetables

by Leandra Bramham - LarabeeUK

This recipe is clean and healthy, it's also very filling and the harissa adds a touch of heat. 

I make up and take to work, you could prep a weeks worth or divide the ingredients and make up a single batch whilst cooking dinner. 

Also great for a family meal, although you will bed to adjust the harissa quantities for smaller children. 

Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 25 mins
Ingredients (Serves 4)
    For Bulgar wheat
    • 1 cup dry bulgar wheat
    • 4 dsp harissa paste
    For roasted vegetables
    • Any combination of vegetables, I used
    • 2 courgettes
    • 2 bell peppers
    • 1 large red onion
    • 500g mushrooms
    • 1 tbsp mix dried herbs
    • 1 tbsp olive or coconut oil
    For the bulgar wheat
    1. Cook in water for 15-20 minutes, drain.
    2. Stir in the harissa paste.
    3. Separate between 4 bowls or dishes.
    For the roasted vegetables
    1. Chop chosen vegetables into similar sizes.
    2. Place on a baking tray and toss in a little olive oil, sprinkle with herbs
    3. Roast for 20-25 minutes.
    4. Remove and add on top of bulgar wheat (or mix through).
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    Monday, January 09, 2017

    |FOOD|meal plan Monday - wk 2 9 January


    It seems just 2 minutes since I last posted and here I am with my second meal plan of the year. 

    Well last week kind of went according to plan. We stuck to all meals except for one night we're an impromptu evening with friends resulted in a takeaway pizza. So although I did manage to stay within my budget for the week. We obviously spent an extra £17 on pizza, considerably less than we usually spend on a pizza I add, by going half and half and saving on some calories!  The Hubs paid for this as he's saved about £35 on packed lunches due to me making them for him. 


    I shopped at Asda and the bill came in at £18.91, I do think this was slightly more than if I'd have shopped at Aldi as intended but going there did mean I wasn't having to stop off twice so I think it was worth it. I'm
    Determined to stick to a smaller budget until I've at least used a few bits up.  I did buy T some cheese breadsticks and yoghurts which were about £1.50. 

    I plan to inventory my freezers, pantry and stock cupboard this week and base next weeks plan on using up items from there, although I'm going to need quite a lot of fruit and veg. 


    I ordered some takeaway dishes to put freezer meals in, I ordered 100 in total, which were quite a pile when they arrived 😂 and when I came to put them away I found 30 I already had. So I'm all prepared for when I've emptied the freezer a bit! 

    This week I need to
    Use up



    Creme fraiche

    BBQ chicken 

    Puff pastry 

    Green beans



    And here is our meal plan. * denotes anything from the freezer and • denotes using an item up that would otherwise be thrown away. 

    So here it is! 

    Mon L - Harissa buckwheat and roasted vegetables•/turkey & salad sandwiches 

    D - courgetti with creme fraiche• pesto/leftover wedges•, sausages* green beans•

    Tue L - fajita• bowl/tuna pasta

    D - 'loaded' healthy nachos*

    Wed L - pasta salad/ham sandwiches 

    D - BBQ chicken*/salad pittas• and wedges

    Thu L - minestrone soup/ham wrap

    D - ham/veg omelette and salad*

    Fri L - chicken & chorizo pasta*/roast veg pasta*

    D - aubergine 'pizzas'/pizza

    Sat L - D - sausage* and mash/snack wraps•

    Sun L - egg, beans and cheese on toast*

    D - falafel pittas with tzatziki and wedges

    Here's this weeks shopping list, my budget this week is £15 but if I can keep it to £10 I'll be ecstatic! 

    Shopping list

    Salad leaves









    Do you meal plan?  What's your best meal planning advice? 


    Monday, January 02, 2017

    |FOOD|meal plan Monday - wk1 2 January 2017


    It's been a while since I shared a meal plan with you and I'm hoping that by doing one each week I can keep a better grip on our groceries. Having lots of food in over the Christmas period inspired me to make the most of our leftovers and I've frozen loads of leftover meat or prepared veggies I got cheap while they were on offer!  I'll be writing a blog post about how I prepared them for the freezer but for now I'm sharing this weeks meal plan.  I could have used more things we have on hand in the freezer but because we're keen to start eating healthier, I have included some healthier meals which will need groceries. I shall be trying to keep our spend this week to under £20 though as we really don't need that much.  Next week will cost more as I won't have so many fresh salad and vegetables leftover. 

    Mon L - Homemade cream of tomato soup (leftover cream)

    D - Quorn/Beef cottage pie (extra portions for freezer) 

    Tue L - Buddha bowl

    D - Manacotti (use up leftover cheese)

    Wed L - Jacket potato with coleslaw and salad

    D - Chicken curry/brown rice, broccoli and tofu *

    Thu L - Buddha bowl/tuna pasta salad

    D - Ham/veggie omelette & salad *

    Fri L - Satay noodles

    D - Chicken/salad pittas and wedges

    Sat L - halloumi salad

    D - Slow cooker BBQ chicken/

    courgetti with lemon cream sauce

    Sun L - Beans on toast

    D - Steak/roasted veggie fajitas

    * from the freezer 

    I'm the only one who has breakfast from home, I'll have  the following options and choose on the day; yoghurt and honey, porridge, oats with banana or raspberry, granola, nutriblast

    Need to buy - 


    Chicken thighs

    BBQ sauce (check cupboard first)


    Creme fraiche


    Salad leaves

    Almond milk

    Alpro yoghurt





    My budget this week is £20 but I'm aiming for £15 let's see if I can keep to it 😉

    What are you eating this week? 


    Wednesday, December 28, 2016

    |GIVEAWAY|lush £20 gift card


    2017 is going to be the year I really start to look after myself, get my health in check and treat myself to lots of pampering! 

    With this in mind, I thought there might be a lot of you out there who want a little pampering and so I'm offering a £20 lush gift card to one lucky winner. 

    Simply enter below!

    Good luck and thanks 😘

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    This is not a sponsored post, I am supplying the gift card myself. 

    Wednesday, December 14, 2016

    |BLOGMAS|stocking filler gift guide for 5 year olds - Day 6

    Grab the mistletoe and get ready to find the perfect gift for that special someone this Christmas.   My gift guide is based around stocking fillers for my 5 year old, T.  Here are 8 idea's that I know he would love this year, including a fantastic giveaway for the DVD featured.

    This post contains Amazon affiliate links and is a collaborative post.

    1. T, I know would LOVE this Scooby Doo 6 DVD Christmas collection! Would also be fantastic for a Christmas eve box or Tree gift if you do those! 

    2. Our little super sleuth is dying to get this Secret Message writer invisible pen for Christmas, you never know, Father Christmas might just slip this into his stocking!

    3. This Lego Batman light key ring would definitely be a big hit in our house, great for dark walks to school.

    4. I always like to put something a little Christmassy in T's stocking and this bubble bath from M&S is perfect!

    5. Every 5 year old needs a multi coloured star wars pen, right?  Nothing more to say really :)

    6. A playmobil paramedic on motorbike is high up on T's wish list, a little pricy but I'm sure would be used lots.

    7.  I thought this cute little nerf gun would be a great addition to T's stocking, he doesn't have any tiny ones like this.

    8. T has been dying to get his hands on some of these robo fish for ages so I'll be putting one in his stocking this year.

    Would you like to win a copy of the fabulous Scooby Doo 6 DVD collection featured in this gift guide?  Enter below.
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    Tuesday, December 13, 2016

    |BLOGMAS|kids christmas interview - Day 5 (catching-up!)


    This year I thought it would be nice to 'interview' T about Christmas, what it means and ask him some questions.  I decided to record this rather than fill in a form and I'm so glad I did, I just know that this will be a new tradition in our house for as long as he is willing!
    I kept the questions simple this year and purposely steered away from 'What would you like for Christmas?'  As I'll be recording this elsewhere.
    Here are the questions I asked:-

    1. Why do we celebrate Christmas?
    2. What gifts were brought to baby Jesus?
    3. What's your favourite Christmas song?
    4. What's your favourite Christmas movie?
    5. What's your Christmas wish?
    6. What present would mummy like the most?
    7. What present would daddy like the most?
    8. Can you name all of Father Christmas's reindeer?
    9. Where was Jesus born?
    10. What do naughty boys and girls get?
    11. What do you eat on Christmas Day?
    12. What's your favourite part of Christmas?
    13. How can you help someone less fortunate this Christmas?
    14. Who announced baby Jesus's arrival?
    15. Do you believe?

    We had a lot of fun doing this video and it was lovely to have Twiggy there too, even if she did scratch T!


    If you'd like a copy of our 'interview' you can download it here, we'd love you to tag us if you do it with your children.