(Backup) |OUT AND ABOUT|paradise wildlife park

With a large and varied selection of animals, indoor and outdoor play areas, a woodland area, a large paddling pool, crazy golf and platformed high rise viewing platforms. You can see why Paradise Wildlife Park is striving to become one of Britain's top animal attractions.

If you like your big cats (as we do!) Paradise Wildlife Park really is for you, their amazing 'big cat territory' includes, a white lion, white tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, tigers, snow leopards and ocelots.

|GIVEAWAY!| xtava curling wand RRP £45.99

So, as busy working mum's know it's ruddy hard getting ready in the mornings without having to wash, dry and style your hair each morning too, like we all did with our free time in the good old child {stress} free days. It's not so bad with long hair - hello messy bun!  But if you've shorter hair let's face it, you've had it. 

|FAMILY|keeping kids occupied on road trips

How do you survive road trips with small children?  Finding things to keep T occupied during a long journey is high up there on my list of priorities when planning a road trip.  I'm working with www.kwik-fit.com on this post to provide some top tips to keep your small ones happy during travel time, making for a smoother and safer journey.

|GIVEAWAY!|baby annabell

Here's another little giveaway for you, just in time to put away for Christmas.

Baby Annabell is at the top of many little ones Christmas lists, so I'm pleased to work with Zapf creations on this and offer you this fab prize.

|GIVEAWAY|llama united book

Earlier in the year we were lucky enough to be sent a copy of the fabulous book Llama United by Scott Allen.

|BRAND NEW ME| ~ Happy ~ Healthy ~ Fit ~ 1

How are you doing? As you know I'm on a journey to improve my health through changing my eating habits, taking more care of myself and getting fitter. It's been a rocky road and I've had many diversions and obstacles but I've definitely made progress. 

I've been struggling with how I'm going to track this and so I'm trying something new, to just list 9 goals each month and then track how I'm doing against them. 

|LET'S LEARN|Our new 'let's learn' project

If you follow me on Instagram you will already know that T and I have started some home learning again. I'm not sure if it's the summer holidays or just a need for us to have some focused time together, but he asked me at the start of the holidays if I would do some 'activities' with him and he asked if we could do things together more, so we've started again and have been loving it.

Although I will be making a plan each week (to save time on the day and help with my anxiety!) I want this to be relaxed and flexible. Already I've changed my plan if T or The Hubs suggests and idea, the weather changes or we fancy doing something different!