|FAMILY|my dream pet with Petplan


We were contacted by Petplan recently and invited to join in their Dream Pet campaign, where T could draw his dream pet and Petplan would have it made into a soft toy for him. 

The brief encouraged the children to use their imagination and come up with the weirdest, and most fantastic dream pet that they could. 

As soon as I mentioned this to T, he said he knew what he wanted to draw, it took me over a week to to try and change his mind but he was adamant about what his dream pet was and although it didn't really stretch the brief too much, he got drawing. 

And here is his picture:

T's dream pet is actually his cat Twiggy, he decided not to colour her face in black as you wouldn't see her eyes, nose and mouth 💙 bless him, I love how his dream pet is his own cat. 

When his cuddly toy arrived T was absolutely thrilled, the toy looks just like the photo and T and Twiggy are both very pleased with it, it now joins the two of them in cuddles! 


If you are looking to insure your pet have a look at Petplan's Pet Insurance, who have been insuring the nations pets since 1976 and offering the best policies and great customer service.

What would your child's dream pet be? Lx 

Disclaimer: This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own. 


|BRAND NEW ME|oyster eye brightening serum *giveaway*


Who can't do with some extra help with anti-aging?  At 42 I'm now starting to get fine lines around my eyes and the fact I suffer from insomnia is shown in the dark circles I heavily conceal every day.  I was very grateful when I was offered the opportunity to try an new vegan eye serum as I am always on the look out for new products to improve my skincare routine and cheat aging for that little bit longer!

|BRAND NEW ME|Positivity Mail *review*


I don't think it's any secret that I suffer from anxiety, I'm slowly finding ways to make me feel better and manage stress and very slowing trying to improve my diet to help maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

One of the main weapons in my anxiety arsenal is to make sure I practice self-care and invest in myself more. This has meant a major life change for me, but I think after 6 months I have found a happy place where self-care fits into my daily routine. 

|REVIEW|clean eating with Everdine

Trying to eat healthier couldn't be simpler with Everdine, we we're impressed to see the number of clean, healthy 'ready' meals Everdine have to offer when we were asked to choose 8 meals to review. 

With lots of vegetarian meals to choose from the only problem I had was to select 4 meals I wanted to try. The Hubs also had a hard time deciding what he wanted to try. 

|FAMILY|30 days wild inspiration

This year again we are joining the Wildlife Trust #30dayswild, if you have read our Wild list post earlier in the year you will know we are really trying to get back to nature as a family so this is a great opportunity for us to focus for 30 days and have fun with nature.  In past years when we've joined it, we've not kept up or documented but this year I'm determined!!!

|BRAND NEW ME|about being too 'busy'

LarabeeUK - about being too busy 1

'Ain't no-one got time for that' yes that common saying that people are using (far too often!) on social media when more organised, more dedicated or more tidy people  share  their successes on social media. 

Now I'm not slamming these people but I really do wish people would just keep their comments to themselves and scroll on if they are not dedicated enough to do whatever it is they are commenting on. 

|REVIEW|dino train: paint and match app

Dino Train is a lovely app based on the popular Jim Hendersons TV series. 

The app has both colouring in and a game, at 5 T is at the upper recommended age bracket which is 3-5. He still had lots of fun with it and did find some of the more difficult levels a challenge.  There are 4 difficulty levels.